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What is Efficacy?

Efficacy Labs is building the internet’s native infra for trading and settlement of sophisticated derivative products on-chain We have 3 core offerings
Kriya DEX
  • This is a decentralised exchange for trading under-collateralised derivatives
  • Kriya is a CLOB-based DEX built on the Sui blockchain. This allows for very low latency trading with negligible gas.
  • We'll start off with perps and European cash (~stablecoin) settled options
  • We'll introduce cross-margining once we've scaled to enough liquidity
Dhan Vaults
  • These are baskets of options strategies meant to generate yield in different market circumstances
    • Volatility Yield
    • Hedging Long Term Holdings
    • Passive Income via Time decay
  • These strategies are executed on the Kriya DEX as well as via Chakra auctions
  • Execution code is deterministic and governed by the Quant DAO
Chakra SDK
  • Web2 compatible API suite to access the efficacy ecosystem
  • Traders can use the API to algotrade on the Kriya DEX
    • Fiat on-ramps + custodianship features provided by partners embedded within the SDK
    • You can seamlessly bridge collateral from EVM chains using the inbuilt mirroring feature and use it as margin for trades on Kriya
  • Institutions can use the Chakra SDK for Creation, Margining and Settlement of custom payoff structures (Cross-chain Clearing House)
    • All derivatives minted via Chakra will be fully collateralised
    • Fixed loss spreads can be minted and auctioned too
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